You’ll probably recognise Bex as being one of the most vibrantly dressed users on Looker. She’s a lover of electric brights, statement shoes and prints; whether they’re florals, stripes or polka dots – she doesn’t discriminate! Get to know more about the fashion chameleon below. 

What are your 5 wardrobe essentials? 

I can only choose 5?! I’d say a pair of statement boots, a leather jacket, a good pair of kick flare jeans, a patterned ruffle blouse, and a baker boy hat. 

Who is your favourite brand or designer and why? 

I love H&M clothing as they are really affordable and always up-to-date with trends! I love Gucci as they have lots of vintage/retro shapes and prints but design it in a modern way. I hope one day I’ll be able to afford something from there!

Who is/are your favourite blogger(s)?

My favourite bloggers are Hannah Gale as she seems so relatable and down-to-earth, as does Liv Purvis and Choe Plumstead. If I ever need style inspo I always look at Maria Bernard, I recently got all my hair cut off like hers!

Where’s your dream holiday destination?

I recently went on holiday to Chicago and that was unbelievable! I’d love to visit Santorini as it looks so beautiful.

What’s your favourite thing about Looker? 

I love that I can shop links direct, and it suggests people for me to follow with similar characteristics. 

What was the last book you read?

I recently started reading Me Before You when I was travelling to Chicago but failed to finish it miserably! I need to start reading more. When I was little I was obsessed with reading, for my 5th birthday I asked if my present could be a whole day in Waterstones!

What are your top 3 tips on taking a good outfit picture? 

  • Know what angles work for your body! I hate having a photo straight on, so I like to be stood on an angle, leaning against a wall, holding a prop or have my leg bent etc. 
  • Make sure you take plenty of photos! The best photos are usually when you’re moving onto your next pose or sorting your hair out. I hate it when I ask people to take a photo and they take like 2, what am I supposed to do with that?! 
  • Experiment! I like to try taking photos from different angles or try to get a walking action shot etc. Plus, this way it makes your feed look more interesting rather than the same old pose. 

Who is your style icon? 

This is tough as I don’t look at one person for inspo. I take inspiration from all sorts of places, even men! Harry Styles is a style god though.

Do you prefer Bella or Gigi?

Gigi all the way, what a babe!

If you won the lottery, what’s the first thing you’d buy? 

Without sounding like a boring 26 year old grown-up, I’d buy a house! Me and my boyfriend are saving for a house at the minute and it’s so hard. I’d also pay off my Mum’s mortgage as she’s the best! I’d definitely buy a designer handbag and go on a massive shopping spree too. 


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