The really simple app that helps you dress great, whoever you are.

We believe everyone deserves the right to dress great and feel great, whoever they are.

We host an amazing community of real women who know how to dress well.
Anyone can follow those similar to them to see what to buy.

We’re creating fashion as it should be, join us…

Everyone’s a Looker

Post as a Looker

With Looker anyone can post, whoever they are. We represent all women, whether a size 0 or size 32, whether a huge social following or none, whether a particular style or other, Looker welcomes anyone with style. You get to help people dress well and earn a small commission.

Follow as a Looker

Whoever you are, anyone can regularly dress great by having the right people to follow. Using the app, you can follow people similar to you with your style and see what to wear.

There’s no competition with others, it’s a community helping fellow women in the common pursuit of dressing well.

Join us, creating fashion shopping as it should be.

Quotes from users:

It helps narrow down what's cool and what's not I love how I can get inspiration and buy straight away without hassle! I get paid for styling things up for others to copy - brilliant! Really enjoying using the Looker app, it's as addictive as Instagram and it's great for finding and buying clothes for the new season


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